Buy the DVD of both Tai Tai and Magazine Gap Road (NTSC, all regions) now online at YesAsia.com

DVD for Tai Tai and Magazine Gap Road is now OUT and available to purchase in Hong Kong. Its NTSC, all regions. Check out HK Record, CD Warehouse, and Kubrick. And very soon HMV and YesAsia.com.

Buy tix now! Hong Kong theatrical release of Magazine Gap Road at THE GRAND cinema. For more info about film schedule and to purchase tickets click here

Magazine Gap Road FLYER (chinese/english) for upcoming Hong Kong screening (click to download), also available the PICTURE BOOK for the film (click to download)

From August 2009, Ying E Chi will handle FILM SALES as well as continue as FESTIVAL AGENT for both Magazine Gap Road and Tai Tai. Ying E Chi will also release the Hong Kong DVD for both films this September

"Magazine Gap Road is one of the boldest Hong Kong-based films released by a first-time director in years...It's a remarkable breath of fresh air in a movie market that's beginning to recover from a long slumber", Meniscus Magazine (click here to view)

REVIEW "...the subject may be grimy, the treatment is anything but - Chin presents some of the most gorgeous views of Hong Kong I've seen in years..." in Cinema Strikes Back as well as an in depth interview with director (click here to view)

REVIEW in BLACK BOOK magazine, mentioning director has a "fine eye for composition here, adding a painterly flourish... His Hong Kong isn't the noisome welter of confusion we're accustomed to seeing, but a serene vista which his characters live- literally, metaphorically - high above". (click here to view)

NYAFF have uploaded onto their YOUTUBE channel, the post-premiere Q&A with the director, parts 1 (click to view), 2 (click to view), and 3 (click to view)

PRESS RELEASE about upcoming Hong Kong theatrical screenings (click to download)

"The movie is beautiful, gorgeously shot, especially for such a micro-budget. It's a noir, it's intelligent noir. Remember in the 90s there were all those kinda smart, not jaw-dropping noir movies that were coming out in the US, like the The Last Seduction? This is like one of those." The L Magazine (click to view)

Jeff Yang for WNYC says "Nicholas Chin's gorgeous exploration of Asia's high-priced sex trade, Magazine Gap Road, show how Hong Kong's film industry is rebounding creatively after hitting rock bottom" (click to view)

Josh Chaplinsky review for TWITCH: "Surprisingly assured...Magazine Gap Road does something different...giving us a character piece that is low on action, but high in quality. It is a film about people's capacity to change and what they are willing to do to survive". (click to view)

Manhattan User's Guide recommendation about upcoming New York premiere at the NYAFF (click to view) and also write up in Subway Cinema News (click to view)

APPLE DAILY interviews Richard and Carl Ng over lunch about the upcoming HK theatrical release of Magazine Gap Road. (click to download)

NEW YORK PREMIERE of Magazine Gap Road at the IFC June 21 + 25 as part of Subway Cinema NYAFF. Click here to buy tickets and more info. Director will be there for Q+A. Hope to see you there!

Hong Kong Economic Journal article on Hong Kong Independent Cinema (click to download)

SUMMER NEWS. Magazine Gap Road will have the New York premiere at Subway Cinema, New York Asian Festival at the end of June. Also there will be a Hong Kong theatrical release in July and DVD later in the year. All dates to be announced soon.

Interview with director about Magazine Gap Road at HKCinemagic.com (click to view).

Method Fest will be a screening Magazine Gap Road, at the Regency Agoura Hills cinema 9.15pm in Agoura Hills in California. This festival focusses on actors and acting on film! www.methodfest.com has more details.

Magazine Gap Road screens at the Tiburon International Film Festival, 9.50pm in Tiburon, California. www.tiburonfilmfestival.com for more ticketing and screening details.

Hong Kong Economic Times Interview with Carl Ng about film (click to download)

RTHK Radio Show extended discussion about Magazine Gap Road with Elvis Tsui, director and producer Wong Yat Ping is now online at http://www.rthk.org.hk/rthk/radio5/filmworld/20081130.html



Director Nick Chin a featured director of the ALIVE NOT DEAD collective of Hong Kong artists

ORIENTAL DAILY Headline News on Jessey Meng's antics with the cast (click to download)

RTHK RADIO show and film discussion: Elvis Tsui, Jessey Meng, Carl Ng, Producer Wong Yat Ping, Director Nick Chin

APPLE DAILY reports on high fashion in Magazine Gap Road (click to download)

OM LIVE RADIO SHOW 2 hour show 10-12 pm talks to Elvis Tsui about returning to HK cinema


For tickets of SCREENING at the Grand Cinema on 18 Nov 7.30pm and 22 Nov 7.15 pm (Q+A after) please go to www.thegrandcinema.com.hk. Box Office at cinema | Phone ticketing 34136688


South China Morning Post profile, "Peaks and Troughs, Nicholas Chin speaks of how his first feature explores the darkside of Hong Kong's high society" by Vivian Chen. Click here to download article or view online at scmp.com


STAR Movie Channel VIP access will air an episode on Magazine Gap Road at 8.30pm and be on rotation that week

Magazine Gap Road screened at the San Diego Asian Film Festival


Magazine Gap Road will have Hong Kong Premiere at the Hong Kong Independent Asian Film Festival November 15-20th.

Magazine Gap Road screens to full houses at the Hamburg Filmfest

Prestige Magazine September issue has a 14 page fashion shoot based on film and interviews with director and actresses. Click here to read article

Magazine Gap Road will have the european premiere at the Hamburg Filmfest this September (www.filmfesthamburg.de)

Star TV interviewed Jessey Meng, Qu Ying, Carl Ng and director for a film profile on the "VIP ACCESS" show. It will air in October throughout Asia (www.startv.com/vipaccess/)

A fashion spread based on the film and interviews with the director and actresses will appear in the upcoming September issue of Prestige Magazine- (www.prestigehk.com/index.html)

ELEVEN ARTS is the world sales agent for Magazine Gap Road (www.elevenarts.net) [Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, PRC excluded]

Nicholas Chin for Magazine Gap Road was awarded the Special Jury Remi Award for First Feature at the Houston International Film Festival 2008. The film's art director Leung Lok Man also won a Gold Remi Award for Art Direction for a Theatrical Feature Film.

Magazine Gap Road will be playing at the Boston International Film Festival, June 13th, 4pm - 6pm (www.bifilmfestival.com)